E- Recruitment Practice: Pros vs. Cons

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The traditional method of recruitment has been revolutionized by the emergence of the Internet. In the past few years, the Internet has dramatically changed the face of HR recruitment and the ways organizations think about the recruiting function. In the coming years, digital recruiting and hiring are expected to continue their explosive growth. Presently, e- recruitment
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They imply the formal sourcing of job information online (Ganalaki, 2002). Hoffman (2001) defined e-recruitment as “The utilisation of the Internet for candidate sourcing, selection, communication and management throughout the recruitment process” Similarly to Hogler (1998) and HR Portal (2003), give the idea that employers can electronically advertise jobs, scan and store resumes, conduct test, and contact qualified applicants by using the power of the Internet to match people to jobs. Moreover, Vidot (2000) suggested that e-recruitment is the use of Internet to attract high quality candidates; reiterate their company profile and branding and streamline application and selection processes.

According to Gentner Gentner (1984) and Casper (1985), the first references to online recruitment appear in articles of the mid-1980s while systematic reference to online recruitment in the HR journals began almost a decade later, in the mid-1990s, when IT companies and universities began to use the Internet extensively.

There are a lot of recruitment methods available, either traditional method or the latest. From the study of Arboledas, Ferrero and Vidal (2001), they present some examples of recruitment methods that organisations are

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