E Security - Securing You By Your Behavior Essay

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E-Security – Securing you by your behavior
Junaid Saeed, Hassaan Mustafa,
Hamza Khan Niazi, and Raja Inzimam
Under the Supervision of Murad Ali
Karachi, Pakistan

Web: A common and an interactive medium providing ease of access to the users by providing them a platform where everything is in their fists. Web provides facilities to users so that they may have the entire world on the Go and this happens specifically with when a portable smart device is being used.
These smart devices are no doubt a blessing, as these devices provide access to the world and interconnectivity along with that these devices give an advantage in the case on portability, ease of access and a better understanding of the technological culture. On the contrary the same medium can be used against those users, to overcome their security like the heart bleed bug (breaching SSL libraries), and access their personal data (I-cloud/Sony Play station server hack), specifically their financial data.
To overcome these loopholes, we have applied heuristics using concepts of usability engineering to the user behavior like: logging and analyzing mobile user behaviors, logging and analyzing user locations through GPS, logging the profiles of user’s smart devices. Here user behaviors cover user’s interaction with the device i.e. patterns of using scroll bars, Microphone, and Touch screen. On comparison with a number of security protocols, we came to know the usability security is a reliable and
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