E Shopping- What We Get And What We Miss. Internet Technology

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E shopping- what we get and what we miss Internet technology had become quite popular in recent years. Whether it is for any professional use or any personal use, everyone uses internet technology. Due to this rapid growth of technology business organisations have switched over from traditional method of selling goods to electronic method. In recent years the online shopping industry has absolutely exploded and there are now such people who are buying online and just forgot what traditional market meant at some point. We can easily understand a lot of advantages of online shopping or e-shopping, but at the same time, there are people supporting ordinary shopping. They have their valid reasons as well. So, Let us first discuss what e…show more content…
Also, if we see all the extra money spent on transportation, eating outside is saved. So, SHOP ONLINE TO SAVE MONEY. Availability and other benefits Another problem with the traditional shopping is that every market is closed on a certain day at a certain time. There is no such limit of time with the e-shopping. It gives you the opportunity to shop 24*7 and rewards you with a POLLUTION FREE SHOPPING. So indirectly we are saving our environment by shopping online ;-) Every coin has two faces, nothing is perfect. To get something we have to give something. If we get such advantages with the e-shopping, definitely we are missing something. Coming to the cons of e-shopping......... No fun factor Online shopping seems more like fulfilling a responsibility. We would miss all the fun hanging out with friends, family. Going out with friends and family gives us a break from routine work life. While shopping online, we miss all the fun and most beautiful moments spent with the friends. By the end of the day, we realize that we have spent time and collected memories while shopping offline. Those moments give you pleasure whenever you remember them. Especially, the small kids are really excited for going out with their parents. They want the parents to spend time with them and buy clothes, toys etc. No physical activity Another problem with e shopping is lack of physical

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