E. Stevenson High School

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Adlai E. Stevenson High School is a public high school located in Lincolnshire in Illinois which belongs to district 125 and servers the communities of Lincolnshire, Prairie View, Long Grove, and some parts of Vernon Hills, Lake Forest, Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Deerfield, Wheeling, Mundelein, Indian Cree, Riverwoods, Kildeer, Palatine and Mettawa. Students who live in district 125 can be enrolled at Stevenson High School. Stevenson offers its service, in 2015/2016 school year, to 3,906 students. The student body is approximately, White 66.2%, Asian 21.9%, Hispanic 7.1%, Two or More Races 2.7%, Black 1.8%, American Indian 0.2%, Pacific Islander 0.1%. 6.2% of the students are with some disabilities. 0.1% students come from low-income…show more content…
The average score achieved by the students in the four subject areas plus a composite score in 2015 reflects teachers’ and students’ commitment to the school mission: Composite: 27, English: 27, Mathematics: 27, Reading: 26, and Science: 26. Stevenson offers a lot of areas for students to receive academic assistance and encouragement in many subjects: 9th hour, peer tutoring, targeted tutoring, and homework center.
To support Adlai E. Stevenson High School’s efforts for the continued pursuit of Success for Every Student, Stevenson have developed the Faculty Evaluation Plan that is based on Danielson Framework for Teaching. Stevenson believes that this plan will serve as a valuable tool in the district to maintain high standards for professionalism, practice, and collaboration resulting in improved professional practice and students learning.
One of the strengths of using the Danielson’s Framework at Stevenson is to improve student learning through a variety of feedback process. Danielson’s Framework promotes reflection on practice, defines clear criteria for evaluation of current practice, provides feedback on curriculum, instructional, and assessment practices, supports fostering a culture of professional learning and collaboration, and ensures faculty continue to grow professionally.
In the evaluation process the feedback plays an important role. The Danielson Framework explains and defines the importance of collaboration.
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