E-Structors Disassembles and Safely Recycles Electrical Devices

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Summary of E Waste

The video is about e waste and how it’s handled in the USA. Julie Keough is the co-founder of E-Structors, a company that handles, recycles, sorts, separates and dissembles electronic devices safely in the USA. E-Structors is a certified recycling company to meet EPA standard of handling e waste and just to be sure that they hold that standard, every year an inspector comes and asks a few questions. Around 80% of all e waste gets thrown away in the trash, that’s around 15 million metric tons. About 20% of e waste gets processed at recycling facilities and a large percentage of that, gets transported out of the USA to Africa or China, to low paid workers that don’t have protection agents ex lead. The low paid workers
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On the other hand the phone may be useful for people who like the old fashion design and don’t care for smartphone features such as web browsing or touch screen or people who simply one have a phone to make calls or send messages, but we must remember that the phone has a price tag at 6000 euros and isn’t targeted old ladies that have a budget at 300 DKK.

The third reason is that the phone costs 6000 euros and has absolutely no features and is compared to a luxuries watch as stated in the text at line 15. In my opinion a phone that cost 6000 euros should have a lot of features, that it don’t break is not enough.
The fourth reason is that electronic brands all over the world is making their devises break after a certain of time to make the consumer buy another I don’t think like stated in the text that it’s a manufacturing failure that makes the phones break down I think its intentional that it happens.
The fifth reason is that it’s not a smartphone, maybe some of old fashion business men would like to buy it, but it’s the golden time for smartphone and almost everyone have one and like it far better than the old one no touch screen and with
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