E. W. Edwin Wiley Grove In The 1800s

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E.W. Grove Edwin Wiley Grove is a very interesting person to know more about. Especially since the name of our school for all freshman is E.W. Grove High School. Dr. Edwin Wiley Grove was born at Whiteville,Hardeman County,Tennessee on December 27,1850. He was the son of James Henry Grove. According to research his aunt, Peggy Traylor Grove raised James’ children including Edwin. Dr. Grove later moved to Paris, Tennessee in 1874 becoming a druggist and establishing the Paris Medicine Company. Also, in 1877 Grove formulated Ferrine, a bitter crystalline compound used as a tonic, a precursor to his famous chill tonic. Later, in 1880 Grove bought Dr. Caldwell’s drug store and established Grove’s Pharmacy. The company was moved to St. Louis,MO
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