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E-waste is the term which relates to all types of electronics, which can evolve into waste in the near future. (STEP) Although E-waste is a general term, it can be assumed to cover all types of items which use electricity. Today, electronic waste becomes a very formidable and significant problem around the world. Environmental protection agency contends the idea, that there are 4 most common ways of solving electronic waste problem: landfilling, incinerating, reusing and recycling. This essay will firstly discuss key reasons of e-waste to be a comprehensive problem. This paper will argue, that there are 4 most conventional approaches to solve electronic waste problem and to prove that recycling is the most benefit one. …show more content…
It will take a lot of energy and resources to mine them again.(Environment protection agency,2000) Thus, it is very perilous to environment and economically unprofitable not to manage electronic waste. There are 4 most common ways of solving electronic waste problem: landfilling, incinerating, reusing and recycling.(European environment agency,2002) The most wide spread of them is landfilling, the process of burying electronic waste. There is only one advantage of this approach – it costs significantly less than other ways. That is why landfilling is very popular among countries like Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Malta and USA. The EPA report on management of electronic waste in USA mention that 1422.1 tons are landfilled over of 1824.8 produced.
Although landfilling is significantly cheap, it has rather serious negative impact to environment. European Environment agency discusses the idea, that it is impossible to predict precise influence of landfilling to environment. Then it mentions that electronic waste can store for a long time being buried.Furthermore conditions of landfills are distinctive from conditions of natural lands. Therefore, hazardous elements like Cadmium or Mercury can spread and cause a serious havoc

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