E-marketplace, E-mall, E-tailing Essay

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Introduction: There are various electronic commerce activities and mechanisms. E-Commerce Activities and Mechanisms include the following but not limited to: E-Market Place: It is an online market usually B2B where buyers and sellers exchange goods or services. EC transactions take place in the electronic equivalent of a mall called the electronic marketplace (e-marketplace). Electronic marketplaces utilize different tools (electronic shopping cart, e-catalog, fulfillment technologies, and checkout and payment mechanisms) to provide the equivalent brick and mortar shopping tools. Types of Electronic Market Places: 1. Electronic Storefronts: A single companys website where products and services are sold. Example: Walmart…show more content…
A currency converter is particularly useful, whether you have it as part of your script, or as an additional tool. Planet Management, a payment processor who offers international payments, reports that ecommerce stores who use their service to offer multiple currencies increase international sales by up to 25 percent. Techniques: According to Miller (2000), Business approaches and broad range of technology tools that are used to support collaborative product definition management (cPDm) initiatives are having a tremendous impact on the ways companies operate. A major change in enterprise computing is underway as companies apply best-practice processes in combination with a wide range of technologies including product data management, collaboration, visualization, collaborative product commerce, enterprise applications integration, component supplier management, and others. The pace of improvements in cPDm-related technologies continues to accelerate, and companies use these tools to implement process change faster than ever. Whereas not long ago, companies were talking about three- and five-year plans for implementing data management systems; they now are asking what results to expect in six months or less. This represents a significant step forward in industry and a strong emerging movement that is becoming an essential element for companies to successfully compete in the 21st century (Miller,
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