E1 Unit 2

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Rough Draft - Unit 2 EA 2

The internet is the basis of the digital age we are in. Should internet be free, or should it not be? With the growing need for internet, it is becoming more difficult for poor people and those who have no access to internet whatsoever to keep up, and are falling behind. I think that the internet should be free because not everyone is able to afford it, and some live in places where it doesn’t even exist. By making the internet free, our economy will also benefit off of it.
To introduce the arguement, not everyone has the opportunity to have internet access where they live. For example, states,"Today, 2.7 billion people, or around one-third of the Earth's population, have access to the Internet.”
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The internet is valuable, and it has a real cost, and most people take it for granted. If you want it, you have to pay for it. It’s not just a free substace to give away. People do not even need the internet at all. First of all, yes, the internet is valuable. But, not everyone has it, or even has a possibility to have it at all. If the Internet is valuable, we should want to show it to others who don’t have internet or can not afford it, because after all it WOULD help our economy grow, as in paragraph 2. Also, it is not fair to everyone to say that we all “take it for granted”, because if you do not even have it, you can’t take it for granted. People who have less things are more grateful, and would be extremely grateful to have internet access, and would not take it for granted whatsoever. According to the website, it states, “Through our connectivity efforts we’ve brought more than 25 million people online who otherwise would not be and introduced them to the incredible value of the internet. They’re doing better in school, building new businesses, and learning how to stay healthy.” Also, from the website states, “Right now, 72% of public schools do not have fast enough connections to take full advantage of digital learning, according to EducationSuperHighway, a nonprofit that tests school broadband speeds and works to upgrade Internet access. The Obama…show more content…
Can it benefit our world? I think yes, and I believe that internet should be free. Why would having free internet be beneficial in this world? There are many reasons, including that internet access should be free because not everyone can afford it, and doing so would help the economy grow. When you go out somewhere, put up your mobile hotspot so people can use it, or go to a company trying to help this happen, and maybe help them. We can connect everyone, and keep up with our
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