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Supporting children’s learning environment Part 1 E100 Ethical Statement I confirm that in this assignment I have only used material drawn from the setting identified on my employers Permission Agreement Form. In this assignment I have adhered to the E100 ethical guidance by: • Changing all names within the assignment (the setting, children, parents and colleagues) so that the individuals cannot be identified. • Sending out a letter informing parents about my studies and providing them with the opportunity to ask any questions about what I was doing. • Explaining to parents why I wanted to observe their child for particular activities and gaining their informed consent. • Explaining to children what…show more content…
I would agree with this, as I have seen evidence within my setting, that when situations are presented, children can independently operate technology items used for a specific purpose. I see technology as being part of good practice within our planning to acknowledge the existence of modern technology and its part in children’s lives today, both at home and within my setting. Resources are selected as part of my formative observations and planning system and reflect the requirements of the EYFS curriculum (Early Education/DfE,2012). When observing children’s play, it allows me to identify the child’s interests, how they learn and what is required to develop their learning further. As a practitioner I can then provide varied opportunities within my planning to support development.(KS1) Our beliefs about how children learn best seem to reflect that of ‘Malaguzzi’ ‘Reggio Emila’ (ST3,P61) approach. Acting as a co-learner, I can sensitively support children’s learning by providing an intended curriculum that meets children’s interests and needs. This often results in unintended curricula outcomes as children start to facilitate their own learning. This can be evident within our free play

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