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TMA 01
This assignment has been written in line with the school confidentiality policy.
My Role
Currently, I am employed as a HLTA at a three form entry junior school (ages 7-11), in South East London. It is an ethnically and economically diverse school and the ethnic diversity is reflected in the staff. My position is full time, with a combination of roles. I have worked at the school for 13 years; my hours are 8.30am to 4.30pm daily.
An integral part of all of my roles is the welfare of the children. Building secure relationships with them and being aware of any issues which may arise. If I have concerns for a child’s well being, the actions I would take include; relaying concerns to the class teacher, learning mentor, SENCO,
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Once I left work to have my second child I decided I wanted to volunteer at their primary school, listening to children read and helping with their times tables practise. After a conversation with the head teacher I interviewed for a TA role supporting a child in year three with EBD. (KS 3.3)
The team in year six consists of four teachers, three TA’s, myself and one other HLTA. Of the four teachers one is the Deputy Head, one the SENCO and the others are both members of SLT (Senior Leadership Team). My role is extremely varied but mainly involves supporting small groups in English and maths. Others include:
Planning for assembly and reading time withdrawal/intervention groups
Marking of work, assessments and homework
Teaching of Humanities during PPA time
Supervising early morning monitors
Registers and escorting of children to/from assembly
Photocopying and filing for all of year six (PPS 4.3)
The year 6 team know that I have competent curriculum knowledge for them to confidently leave me in charge of the whole class. My experience, observations and professional conversations, enables them to work with a small group or attend to matters outside of the classroom. (KU 1.4) (PPS 4.3)

Key theories and concepts
When children have a new experience they ‘accommodate’ their existing experience to it and they ‘assimilate’ aspects of the new experience… (Jean Piaget 1926). The
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