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As the starting time for school increases once leaving elementary school, students face the biological struggle of physiological changes due to puberty. According to “Adolescent Sleep Needs and School Performance”(1998), puberty demands more sleep, at least a total of 8 hours of sleep compared to an adult; they normally require 6 hours. Along with a greater requirement of sleep, the circadian rhythms of the adolescent change as well. The circadian cycle plays a biological part as to when people fall asleep and when people wake up naturally, for example, naturally the human body goes to bed when it’s night and wakes when the sun is out. Due to a greater need of sleep, and perplexing circadian cycles, adolescents become more anxious, have…show more content…
According to “Adolescent sleep needs and school performance” (1998), sleep deprivation may have serious physical, mental, and social consequences for adolescents and negatively impact their academic performance. The effects of sleep deprivation is what causes academic lag, it often results in “increased irritability, anxiety and depression, decreased socialization, reduced concentration and decreased ability to handle complex tasks, memory deficits, impaired performance and alertness, and delayed responses (Phillips, S., N.D.)” are diminished, grades are likely to reflect the impairment of those skills. According to Carpenter (2001), “20% of all high school students fall asleep in school. Additional research has shown that over 50% of students report being most alert after 3:00 p.m. (American Psychological Association, para. 14).” The results of this study shows that students who are sleep deprived are in school at the time that their brain is still trying to sleep, it supports also that teenagers are not fully awake
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