ECERS for Garnero Child Development Center

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I went into this childcare center knowing that it would do rather well. Garnero Child Development Center is very well run and Ann, the side supervisor, makes sure that everything meets standards. I have seen her in the early mornings observing classrooms with a checklist. When I let the lead teachers know that we would be filling the ECERS out, they knew exactly what it was and both mentioned that they had filled them out multiple times. In the majority of the categories, they scored a seven. I am not sure if I was just being more lenient than I should have been, but the other student filling this out with me got the same scores as I did when we compared them afterwards.
For the Space and furnishings category, they received an average of 6.62. Out of the eight sub groups, they received a six on indoor space, child-related display, and gross motor equipment. The other five categories all got sevens. The indoor space got a six because the windows do not open and there is not any control over the ventilation in the room. The child-related display got a six because there is not any three dimensional work done by the children on display in the room. The gross motor equipment got a six because there is not gross motor equipment that would stimulate skills on different levels. There are not any tricycles without pedals, there is not both a ramp and a ladder on the climbing structure, and there is not different sized balls available for the children to play with. I think that

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