ECLIPSE: A Fictional Narrative

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X reported his mission and the assault to the boss. “So this threat we’ve been dealing with is called ECLIPSE, and they tried to kill you along with other passengers on the plane?” asked the boss. “Yes, ECLIPSE is behind the attack. I had help uncovering the organization we’ve been dealing with.” replied X. The boss paced from side to side of her office. “X, I want you to head to Bucharest, Romania. There has been sighting of a small group of mercenaries there, and I think they might be affiliated with ECLIPSE.” X nodded and headed to the airport. He made it to the plane to Bucharest, Romania. He landed to his destination and took a cab to a 5 star hotel. He stayed on the 23rd floor of the hotel. X took a look out of the window from his room.…show more content…
“Soon, Commander Omega has given your orders to destroy anyone who knows who we are and to get as much information about our enemies.” replied the ECLIPSE operative. “How is Commander Sigil taking care of that agent?” asked the merc. “The agent has slipped from Sigil’s grasp twice. I believe that this agent we’re dealing with is in Bucharest right now.” replied the operative. X was startled that the ECLIPSE operative knew he was here. The operative began to speak again. “You’re job was to kill that agent when he was at your base, yet he stole your data and released the prisoners.” X began to think back when he was sent to take out the threat in the factory 4 days ago. A white cadillac drove in the garage and parked in front of the conversing people. A mysterious figure approached the conversing people . “Welcome Commander Omega, we believe that the agent named X is at Bucharest as we speak and is trying to locate our position.” said the operative. “He is, we must locate him before he finds us. I believe he’s in this room as we speak.” said Commander Omega. Everyone in the room began to leave the area and began on their pursuit to hunt down X. X ran out the garage and went back to the hotel. He noticed two of the SUVs were there and the people inside got out and chased him to his room. He managed to eliminate the mercenaries and took one of their vehicles. He rammed a few of the mercenaries
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