Essay on ECOM320 Assign2

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Part A: Short-answer Questions
1. Explain why supply chain management should be aligned with corporate strategy. Justify your answer with an example.
Supply chain management is essential to align the E-business information system applications that provide to incorporate the systems of commerce to streamline its value chain. The streamlining of the internal value chain combined with the external supply chain is essential for strategy of e-business that allows businesses to respond promptly to the gradually more severe demands of customers online. Tools that assist in aligning the corporate strategy are using the integration of intranets within the corporation that also extend outside the company which are called extranets. Additionally,
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The ever-growing mobile apps also are used to track and: send personal information, including names, to many advertising and Internet tracking companies. When we look at the overall threat to consumers, we see that this a major danger to consumers as these can access personal information which is like robbing a consumer of their privacy and confidentiality.
As to how a consumer can protect themselves, the NAI provides a capability open to all Web users to opt out of online advertising networks collecting non-personal information on them. Almost all browsers nowadays put the capability for users to have the option of using a Do Not Track feature, if the user remembers to activate the feature.
4. What are the key reasons for companies to adopt social media in their marketing and advertising strategies?
Social media being an ever growing industry, companies have incorporated their marketing and strategies to better their businesses. We explore that the reasons for the importance of incorporating this is: The daily use of handheld devices to access social media on a daily basis amongst computer use, Big data: online tracking produces oceans of data, challenging business analytics programs, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest
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