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Project Description
You have been working as an economic consultant, and you have seen a significant number of firms needing outside help to assist in business policy and formulation. Because of your strong reputation, you have just been hired as a consultant for one of the following organizations:
United Parcel Service (UPS)
For this particular project, you will be reporting to the executive officers in the organization (CFO, CTO, CIO, and CEO). Your task will be to evaluate the trade policies and economic variables that have a verifiable impact on the company’s global operations. It is important that you evaluate tactical and strategic components of the organization and make appropriate economic
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Please make sure that the officers of the organization can have a thorough understanding of current operations from a transnational point of view.

3. Body (1-2 pages per area)
After reviewing the economic variables affecting the organization, please choose five areas below that you feel to be the most pertinent to your evaluation.

Please choose five of the following areas to include in your report:
Cost reduction through the use of economies of scale
The impact of currency fluctuations on international operations
Domestic and international issues related to labor and wages
Tactics and strategies affected by technology
The relationship between tariffs, pricing models, and manufacturing
Integrating business operations in open or closed economies
The impact of fiscal and monetary policies on business operations
Risk reduction through hedging, arbitrage, and currency management
Forecasting supple and demand from the perspective of domestic and international operations
How globalization has affected international business operations
Comparative advantage and the gains from trade

To effectively analyze these variables, you will need to conduct significant research and relate your findings in your report. It may be feasible to ask what economic conditions are affecting the organization today, and what the outlook is, based on your assessment.

4. Conclusion (2-4 pages)
In the concluding portion of your report, please summarize your

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