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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences School of Economics ECOS2901: Intermediate Microeconomics Honours Semester 1, 2015 Unit of Study Outline Lecturer: Dr. Stephen Cheung Room 444, Merewether Building H04 Email address: (include ‘ECOS2901’ in subject line) Consultation hours: Wednesdays, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm (in teaching weeks only, commencing in week 2) At other times, by appointment (email two working days in advance) Tutor: Joel Bank Email address: Consultation hours: TBA This Unit of Study Outline MUST be read in conjunction with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Student Administration Manual (…show more content…
The text also contains additional questions that you may wish to practice on. You should either purchase your own copy, or have ready access to a copy, of the text. The University library will have limited copies, which may be borrowed on a short-term basis. Unit schedule Week Date Lecture topics Text chapters 1 2 March Consumer Theory: Preferences and Utility Chs 2, 3 2 9 March Consumer Theory: Choice and Demand Chs 4, 5 3 16 March Decision Theory: Choice under Risk Ch 11 4 23 March Decision Theory: Choice over Time n/a 5 30 March Producer Theory: Technology and Cost Chs 7, 8 Break Session break (Week beginning 6 April) 6 13 April Producer Theory: Profit Maximisation and Supply Chs 9, 10 7 20 April Equilibrium and Welfare: Exchange Economy Ch 6 8 27 April 9 4 May Equilibrium and Welfare: Production Economy, Public Goods Ch 16 10 11 May Game Theory: Games in Strategic and Extensive Forms Ch 12 11 18 May Game Theory: Quantity-Setting Oligopoly Ch 13 12 25 May Game Theory: Mixed Strategies and Repeated Games n/a 13 1 June Asymmetric information Ch 15 Mid-semester test Stuvac Stuvac (Week beginning 8 June) Exams Exam period (Commences 15 June) Please note that the indicated chapters are only an approximate guide to what will be covered in class. Not all of the contents of the indicated chapters will be discussed in class. Moreover, some topics may be discussed that do not appear in the text. Please
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