EDA 555 Legal Issues in Education Benchmark Assessment and Rubric

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EDA 555 Legal Issues in Education Benchmark Assessment and Rubric Alicia M. Thomas Grand Canyon University: EDA-555 Legal Issues in Education Oct 23, 2013 Legal Issues in Education Benchmark Assessment and Rubric Response to the letter Letter from the Principal TO: Joe Black, Lead Custodian From: The Principal Date: October 26 Subject: Confidential After reading your letter I was in a state of shock for a period of time because it is actually a matter of our school's reputation and I really want to look at it in detail to rectify the actual issue so that best possible outcomes can be generated. Therefore, I have decided to go for a plan of action so that this stated problem can be…show more content…
In this investigation, I will not involve parents because as a matter of fact parents are very sensitive as well as concern for their children, therefore they can further ruin the case. In order to have a proper as well as a well organized investigation, I will choose best students who are responsible and will also keep my investigation confidential. Purpose behind this is that I can actually rely on those students who are good in academics and are well aware from every situation as well. On the other hand, from staff I will choose senior teachers so that they can give me best opinions and can tell me truth as well. Will try not to involve the new staff because they are actually not aware from things and thus will also not create any hurdles as well. Conducting an interview is no matter a tough task and I will conduct them in a confidential manner in order to be safe from further issues. In this regard one to one interviews will be best and every student as well as teacher will be given with strict instructions to keep this confidential. In order to maintain confidentiality of the interviews and the allegation, agreement will be signed by the staff as well as by the students in order to be safe from any further issues and problems (Gideonse, 1992). As per the reputation of my school, my aim is actually to enhance its growth as well as position and not to ruin its status. Therefore, my aim will be solve this issue in

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