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Cindy Maldonado
January 21, 2015
Develop Goals
EDA 577
Grand Canyon University

Develop Goals As the course of weeks of planning have interpose realizing a campus improvement plan is an essential item for any growth of a learning environment. Modifying our processes, teaching practices and student learning is vital to notice in order to make our action plan become successful. We must not forget the fact that our action plan is intertwined with the vision and mission set up by the administration team for the campus. Following this will be a chart as a draft of a school improvement plan based on the data acquired from Del Castillo Elementary. It includes a summary of the feedback and goals set by my principal mentor and
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Provide questionnaires to several stakeholders to improve the structure of testing. (See figures 2.1, 2.2, 2.3)
Personnel Responsible: Classroom teachers, reading coach, dean of instruction.
Evidence of Completion: District Benchmark
(1 for the fall semester (November) see Figure 1.2, 1 spring semester (February).)
Percentages, 2015 STAAR results taken in April 2015.

Figure 1.1
2014 STAAR Results (Percentage of Students Meeting Standard)

Figure 1.2
2014 District Benchmark (November)
Figure 2.1
Student Questionnaire
Purpose: To improve a testing experience for our students to increase the percentage of students meeting the standards of the standardized test.
1) What grade levels have you attended Del Castillo Elementary?
2) Do you enjoy having no physical education time or pullout time during testing days?
3) Would snacks during testing break help you focus on the test?
4) Do you enjoy incentives provided for passing your benchmarks?
5) How many brain breaks do you believe you should receive during a testing day?

Figure 2.2
Parent Questionnaire
Purpose: Parents are knowledgeable of testing procedures and improve motivation from parent to student at home.
1) Do you express confidence in your son/daughters campus to teach the skills necessary to meet the standard of the standardized test?
2) Do you
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