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Gina the Dancing Queen STORYSACK Designed for Stage 1 - Year 2 Melissa Martin 220101596 Storysack Contents:  Storysack  Contents Page  Letter to Parents: Storysack; Introduction, explanation and directions on use.  ‘Gina the Dancing Queen’ by Marisa Alo  ‘Giraffes and Zebras’ by Michael and Jane Pelusey  Prompt Cards  Matching Game  Graphophonic Activity  Handwriting Activity  Punctuation Activity  Talking/Listening Activity  Felt characters, felt board and props  Character Masks Letter to Parents/Carers Dear Parent/Carer, A storysack is a large cloth bag containing a children's picture book with supporting materials to stimulate language activities and make reading a memorable and enjoyable experience. The storysack…show more content…
 What challenge did Gina face?  Do you think giraffes would make good dancers?  What could be another name for this story?  How did other characters react to Gina’s dancing before her lessons?  What were some of the types of dance mentioned in the story?  What’s your favourite type of dancing?  Where were some of the places that Gina was taken to?  Why do you think the dances took Gina to those places?  What was your favourite part of the book? Suggested Further Activities:  Use felt characters and a felt board to tell the story  Create an alternate ending  What could happen next? Continue the story.  Compare real life giraffes with the Gina the giraffe. Game Gina the Dancing Queen: Matching Game Gina the Dancing Queen Matching Game Instruction Card: Contents  2 Game Boards 30 ‘parts of speech’ Cards How to PlayEach of the players are given a game board containing different parts of speech: adjective, adverb, common noun, proper noun, pronouns and verb. The 30 game cards are placed face down in between the two players. The players will take it in turn to pick up a card and match it to the corresponding part of speech. If the player is unable to correctly identify the part of speech, the card is placed at the bottom of the pile. Note: the game cards have the part of speech they belong to on the back of the card. The player to fill their game board first is the winner! Parts of Speech Guide      Adjective: a describing

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