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Millennial Values in EDM Culture

While elements of the millennial mindset like acceptance and kindness were found in the early stages of Electronic Dance Music, those values are truly evident in this modern EDM culture.
EDM has rebranded itself from the original drugs and underground stigmas that it has come to be associated with. The basics of why it was created, acceptance and community integration have been rebranded as “PLUR” for the current generation. PLUR stands for Peace Love Unity and Respect. It is often called “the new hippy movement” and related festivals are branded as the “new Woodstock”. EDM Festivals such as the Electric Daisy Carnival promote a strict no drug policy. [Under the Electric Sky]
Moral Responsibility:
An essential part of EDM’s rise to fame in this generation has to do with tech boom. New technology is everywhere. Electric is a key word that both symbolizes technology and creates a high-energy feeling. Artists feel a new “moral responsibility” to distribute free or cheap music. Many popular EDM DJ’s such as Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, and Paul Oakenfield operate free podcast where they stream their new music for free. The music sharing platform SoundCloud often pays DJ’s to submit their own work, and YouTube is also a main player for free new music releases.
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[Forbes] The biggest mark of the millennial generation is the development, use, and implementation of technology. According to a survey performed by the Nielson Company, technology use ranked the highest when Millennials were asked what makes their generation unique. Phones are available at the palm of your hand. And with these and other portable devices being internet capable, any information, including clips, reviews, and sounds, can quickly be accessed. It only makes sense that the music of the generation reflects this huge generational differentiation
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