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Application for a Document Certifying Permanent Residence EEA3 To be used by European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss nationals residing in the UK and their EEA or Swiss national family members. It is not mandatory to complete this application form. However it will assist in dealing with your application more efficiently if this form is used. Please read the guidance notes at the front of this form before making your application. Document Certifying Permanent Residence Version 06/2014 Please note there is a fee of £55 for each person applying for a document certifying permanent residence. You must pay this fee even if you choose not to use this application form. If you do not pay the fee, your application will be rejected. For…show more content…
For Amex the security code consists of 4-digits and is found on the front of the card. AMERICAN EXPRESS AUTHORISED SIGNATURE 4567 123 CVV 123 CVV 1234 1234 123456 12345 1234 If you do not provide the CVV number, we cannot take your payment and your application will be rejected as invalid. A16-A17 Cardholder’s signature - the person named on the credit/debit card must sign and date these sections. Consideration process • If the payment submitted does not cover the full cost of your application, it will be an invalid application and the form, together with any documentation submitted, will be returned to you. • The fee charged is for the processing and consideration of the application. This fee will be payable once the application form is received by the Home Office or its payment processing agent, regardless of the outcome of the application. • We cannot begin the consideration process until the payment has cleared. We allow 5 working days for payments made by cheque to

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