EED 470 Reading Strategies Essay

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Kristen Orton Grand Canyon University: EED 470 January 7, 2015 Constructivism and explicit teaching styles almost appear to be opposites of one another, especially when used in the contexts of the classroom. The more I read about these two styles the more I thought that if a teacher could use both styles in a harmonious balance the students would have the greatest benefit. Not many students want to sit and listen to the droning lecture of a teacher. Memorizing facts, reading chapter after chapter with no connection to how it will be used outside of school. This old fashion way of teaching typically does not assist students in retaining information. Nor does this help with motivating students to continue reading. I also believe…show more content…
The explicit learning model is how I remember school being in almost every class. The teacher had a pre-determined goal that the students were to reach in a set way. The route of how the students learned the information was basically the same. In a classroom with explicit instruction the teacher has a very clear objective and lesson plan. The teacher teaches to meet that goal not necessarily allowing the students to deviate from the goal or the path to get there. The education is very much teacher-directed. As a student this is how I remember all of my classes. When I became a Freshman I was able to take biology, I was extremely disappointed when we read from the textbook day after day. I desired a hands on classroom with much less note taking and more exploration. In some instruction this can be very important. A kindergarten teacher has to ensure that the class all learns that the alphabet has a correct order. They have to learn that the symbol represents a letter and a sound. This will all build up to teaching that the letters when combined create words. Explicit teaching style believes that students use their internal understanding to comprehend external information where as constructivist is reversed. As a child I began reading in first grade. I have never had any reading difficulties or struggles. By the time I was is second grade my mom had to threaten me nightly, grounding me from books because I would get lost in the stories and stay

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