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EFFECTS OF THE GAELIC LEAGUE There has been discussion and problems in Ireland over the Irish language, culture, and Ireland’s economic development. Language and culture are among the most important elements of Irish heritage. One contribution that helped solve some of those problems was The Gaelic League. The Gaelic League had many effects in Ireland including reviving the Irish language, improving schools, making the social life of Ireland better and having less discrimination among other countries. The Gaelic League was a grassroots movement that has played a central part in Ireland’s national building. The League was founded by political leader and Irish scholar, Douglas Hyde and Eoin MacNeill in 1893 around the time of the rise…show more content…
It contended that the most effective and efficient way to educate Irish-speaking children was through the medium of both Irish and English, with the aim that they both are well-read in both languages by the time they left primary school (Hepburn 203). The school curriculum was now being taught by both English and Gaelic speaking languages. This change is first occurring mostly at the college level and at universities like Castleknock and Clongowes in Dublin, which guaranteed successes of their students no matter what language they’re taught in (Hutchinson 492). Irish heritage was spread across Ireland from the students at school and because of the big number of Irish, Gaelic speaking students, there was hardly any discrimination. The new schools allowed for the students and kids to have a better education and with that better education, allowed for a better job in the future as well. The adults in Ireland wish they had this opportunity when they were kids. Adults in Ireland, who were even lucky enough to find jobs because of the very little industry in Southern Ireland, wound up in factories or steel mills with unsafe atmospheres for small payment and long hours in the day. Another effect that the Gaelic League had on Ireland was it recovered the social life in Ireland. The Irish were afraid that with all of their unique culture and heritage gone, all of the Irish names of places, people and things would turn into
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