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LESSON PLAN Name: WGU Task Objective Number: 602.4.15-35 GENERAL INFORMATION Lesson Title & Subject(s): Mathematics Topic or Unit of Study: Solving multi-step math problems Grade/Level: 3 Instructional Setting: It is a third grade classroom of 20 students (8 girls and 12 boys) seated in 5 groups of 4. Most of the students are of Hispanic ethnicity, and the teacher can speak Spanish fluently and uses this skill when deemed necessary. Some students are also Caucasian, and there are a couple of African American and Asian students as well. STANDARDS AND OBJECTIVES Your State Core Curriculum/Student Achievement Standard(s): 1.3.8: Students will generate and solve two-step addition and subtraction problems and…show more content…
How many pages did John read on the last day? The teacher will prompt the students with questions. For example, if the students do not know where to begin, the teacher may ask: “What do we do first? We have to underline all the important information in the problem that we need to solve it” - the students will then point out all of the important information for the teacher to underline (i.e. “43-page book”, “first day - 14 pages”, etc.) As with the problem modeled by the teacher, the students will first decide how to demonstrate the problem using counters. As the teacher places and counts the counters on the overhead projector, students can use their own counters to try and solve the problem on their desks. Afterwards, the teacher will help the students make an equation for the problem based on the actions they performed with the counters. 4. Independent Student Practice (10 min): The teacher will place 3 problems on the overhead projector that are similar to the ones solved before. The students will work in groups of 4 to solve the problems together. They will use pencils, paper, and counters for the task. As the students work, the teacher will circulate around the classroom to help out if a group is completely “stuck” and to observe what the students are doing well and where they are struggling. Once each group has a solution, the class will discuss what each group came up with and how the answer was found. 5.

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