EHR In Healthcare Research Paper

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Technology is changing how people communicate, work and establish relationships at the point that does not matter who you are, technology will be use in a certain manner. Healthcare is one of the industries that is being pushed to move forward and change their communication process and make patients information available 24/7. For many years hospitals, doctors, and another medical facilities were acting independently on the matter of administrate their own patient medical records, EMRs. Now they are required to convert those EMRs in electronic health records, EHRs. The difference between EMRs and EHRs are resumed in that EMRs contains the medical and treatment history of the patients in one practice only, and EHRs are designed to share information in more than one practice (Garret, 2011). EHRs are more global and will change the way we communicate in the healthcare industry.…show more content…
The use of EHRs in the healthcare system will provide the users with correct and complete information about patient's health and allow the provider to give best care possible. It will also allow the patient to receive the best care in an emergency situation, allowing the providers to access patient information instantly to make possible the immediate treatment. Another benefits that patients and health care provider will have using EHRs will be the ability to coordinate care for a patient who have a specific disease that require close monitoring, and will enhance the knowledge of patient and families in how to care for the patient's health. (HealthIT, 2014). Thinking a little further, it can enhance the quality of care that a patient receive, making the provider accountable for caring for the patient and analyzing the necessary data to create better outcomes. It will also help to analyze drug interactions between providers orders and reduce the duplication of orders and
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