EHR Transition Essay

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Hiring candidates for your EHR transition

With the introduction of Electronic Health Records, there has been a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. With the digitization of patient data, sharing details across healthcare settings has become not only easy, but also innately helpful. Most healthcare services have already adopted EHR, and those who haven’t have started doing so.
Of course, implementation of EHR requires certain expertise to get the best out of it. For this, a dedicated EHR team will be essential. So, how does one go around hiring an EHR team? Here are some tips:
1. The communicator:
The purpose of a communicator is to keep everyone informed and at par with the latest developments of the process. Tech skills and experience
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So having a person who can plan projects would be an important asset. Moreover, things are bound to go wrong in any new implementation. The ideal candidate should be able to handle all these unexpected developments and tackle them properly, without affecting the implementation.

You should look for people with prior project management experience and during the interview, enquire about their previous projects and what things went wrong. Do not forget to ask them their approach to those problems and the outcome. The candidate should be patient and be able to keep calm under pressure.

3. The teacher:
You will need someone with prior experience in EHR transition. This will ensure that your transition is smooth and faces minimum obstacles. This person would be responsible for educating your IT team and hence needs to know the system thoroughly. Moreover, the person should also be familiar with your current system to enable an easy transition.

Your ideal candidate would be someone who has worked with both the systems. This will have an advantage of educating your team about the differences between the two systems and the benefits involved.

Another option is to hire someone who is already working with you on your current system and can quickly grasp the new EHR
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