Essay on EIBE Self Reflection Assignment

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 A new idea which arose from the scenario process and which challenged or developed your thinking in new ways

The EIBE scenario process was for me a new way of mixing the logical prediction with wild imagination. This is a new mixture and a new way of thinking for an engineer which usually relies on the structured logical way of thinking only. The scenario is basically a collection of new ideas that is based on present facts leading to future imaginary - yet logical - sequence of actions, all tied up with a hidden thread of logic.

In order to develop the scenario of Uzbekistan, it was necessary to do a research on the characteristics of this country, including different areas describing the life in Uzbekistan. One of the new ideas
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I believe it would be good to meet and have a discussion with one of these Non-Denominational Muslims to understand the way they see their religion.

 A brief critique of the scenario process as undertaken by your group which could be either observations about the process in terms of what part(s) of it did or did not work well and why you think this is, or a discussion on the working/behaviour of the group throughout the process

Before starting the EIBE course, it was thought that this would be a pure business subject focusing on the international trade area and international trade treaties and general rules. However, it turned to have a different objective, which has a wider spectrum than only business, it turned to be covering all aspects of life that might affect the business practices in the environment under study.
Then came the assignment, at the beginning it was very interesting and challenging to try to think about how it is possible to develop a future scenario about a country which we almost have no information about. Step by step, the picture started to become clearer, and the scenario process components started to show their integrated value. It was an excellent idea to have the trial session to develop
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