ELCC Standard 4: Creating A Relationship Between The Community And Community

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ELCC Standard 4 Standard 4 discusses creating a relationship between the community and school with in which you work. Community involvement and meeting the needs of the community need to be acquired by the school. Using the community for resources the school cannot afford will give the students a better education.
ELCC 4.1 covers improving the educational environment by using various communication techniques. It’s important for schools to keep the community in the loop of everything that is going on within the school. The easiest ways to keep up with community members now a days is my using social media. The school website is also a great to get information out to the community. To meet this standard I evaluated 3 different school websites to my current one. This allowed me to evaluate what makes a website more attractive and easy to access the state requirement information. The school website can be used as a great resources for the school and community.
ELCC 4.2 states the importance of community relations in order to reach the different cultures of the school. The community offers many resources that can be over looked by schools. In order to meet this standard was the school crisis plan evaluation. Within this activity I had to create a task force team made up of school and community members. The task force team looked at
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Creating a good communication relationship between the students, parents, and school. The teachers must create ways to communicate with their students’ parents. Keeping communication lines open to all parties involved will allow students to get a better education. The activity I completed for this standard was writing a letter for the parents of special needs students. This letter was to ensure the parents that their students were being taken care of at the school. I went over the letter with the kids and shared with them it had ways for their parents to encourage
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