ELITE Team Development

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9.1. What were the stages of development of the ELITE Team? Identify specific examples of each of the four stages of team development in the case.

The ELITE Team experienced the forming stage of development when it used regularly scheduled meetings to learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Soon after, forming was experienced when it evolved by implementing the policy of focusing on eliminating errors. There were some conflicts that were encountered finger pointing and blame was placed on team members during meetings, some of which left in tears. This was only possible after strong relationships had been created. Eventually, team overcame the conflicts and moved on to the performing stage, which it currently works in today. The
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However, a clear goal was not established. Even though there were more people, no new policies were established, which resulted in more of the same. Breaking down barriers was the primary focus but additional attributes of high-performing teams needed to be established. Accountability was one of these attributes that was needed, as evidenced by the “rat tracks fax.”

9.4. Make recommendations about what Mott should do now to capitalize on the ELITE Team experience. If you were to become a consultant to the Tallahassee Democrat, what advice would you give Mott about how he can capitalize on teambuilding? 

Mott should continue to develop his team into a more cohesive unit. Higher goals should be established for the ELITE team to work toward. In addition, Mott should take more of a leadership role and set examples for his team to follow. This team should be used as a model to improve other parts of the business. This would entail sharing information about the team’s success and possibly using existing ELITE team members as mentors for other teams. Goals should be attainable and defined. Furthermore, Everest goals should be set for the ELITE team to follow. Similar goals should be set for other teams, which would hopefully experience the same
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