ELL Family/Teacher Collaboration Report

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IECE Teacher Standard VI addresses how IECE educators collaborate with team members (caregivers, agency personnel, colleagues and service personnel) to design and implements experiences and instruction that support the development of all children regardless of ability. To demonstrate my ability to work collaboratively with team members I selected two artifacts; my Social Story project and ELL Family/Teacher Collaboration project.
The Social Story allowed me to participate as an effective team member to support collaboration in early childhood setting. Working with the program director we determine the behaviors, which needed to be addressed in the social story along with developing a social story founded in the interests of the child. The ELL Family/Teacher Collaboration Project also demonstrated my ability to demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills to support collaboration in a preschool setting. I interview a program director to understand her philosophy on ELL learners and how her
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Discussion with the child’s mother gave me insight into his favorite activity at home, which was incorporated into his social story. Additional discussions with the extended care staff were essential to support the methods designed replace unwanted behavior with positive behavior. The afternoon staff used visual prompts to help the child recognize when he was exhibiting unwanted behavior. This extended collaboration ensured he expected to exhibit this behavior throughout his day.
The ELL Family/Teacher Collaboration Project gave me the opportunity to provide the families of ELL students with a comprehensive list of community agencies to promote child development and learning. The list included community members and agencies including direct contact for JCPS ELL program, First Steps and the Japan Center at Indiana University
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