ELL Placement Assessment Essay

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Supreme Green ESL-223N June 10,2014 Lisa De Bow ELL Placement Assessment Students that are considered to be ELL students have specific tests and procedures that must be followed by schools and teachers in order to properly assess each student proficiency level in English language. After interviewing the ELL coordinator for our school, assessing the ELL student gives both the home and school environment the information needed to develop a plan to to educate each ELL student in the 21st Century. In this essay, it will examine what test are used and who conducts the test,the methods and procedures used for ongoing classroom assessment of the students,how oral language is…show more content…
Within this portfolio folders are samples of students work and a checklist for teachers to make marks in the four domain areas of speaking,listening,writing and reading. (Meisels,Samuel,J.2014) These marks are indicators of where students have made progress or areas that still need developing. In the classrooms student are further assessed by taking the Literacy Performance Assessment. The test is given quarterly and aligns with the Common Core and English-Language Art Content Standards for each grade levels. The teacher can also use other informal or formal assessments to help student reach a higher level of proficiency in each domain. In our school student are placed Shelter classroom. This class delivers instruction in English but have allotted time for ELD instruction that last for one hour daily. This program is designed to help students engage in more meaning instruction,that will target student background knowledge and encourage speaking and listening.. The teacher may also use these block of time to assess the student oral language based on the ability for the student to answer higher level thinking questions or engage in classroom discussions. ELL students are often quiet or shy and will often steer away from conversations.. The teacher can ELL students by providing visuals, using students background knowledge to encourage active speaking and listening of concepts introduce in classroom. The should be
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