ELL Students and Standardized Tests

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We see and look at hundreds and hundreds of labels every single day, whether we realize what they are or not. Everything from food to medicine to books all have labels. These labels help us determine what it is we are looking at. In the case of food packaging, labels tell us how many calories are in a serving so that we are able to make healthy decisions. Medicine labels tell us how to safely take medication to relieve a headache. While these labels work well and are harmless for helping us identify an inanimate object, they aren’t as easily applied to people. When it comes to labeling people, we can use labels to help identify gender, race, hair color, eye color, height, weight, and about a million other factors. Though these labels too seem relatively harmless, some labels carry a stigma and certain humiliation when used to describe people. During World War Two, people categorized as Jews were murdered by the hundreds of thousands by Hitler and his army, simply because of a religious label. While persecution because of a certain classification isn’t happening as obviously as it was during the 1940’s, some labels today still carry stigma that nearly everyone in society looks down upon. English Language Learner (ELL) is one of those labels.
Looking at the categorization of different peoples throughout history as well as the changes the labels they possess have gone through, as well as identifying labels used in a derogatory way today we can see that labels have
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