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A. Explain 1 listening strategy that would be incorporated into any lesson plan and that reinforces the use of listening skills. On way to reinforce listening skills is by asking a series of question to students as they ‘re reading passages from their textbooks. This method will encourage students to pay attention in order to answer questions at any moment during the lesson. Therefore, one student can read a text aloud while the rest of the class is following along reading quietly. During this time the teacher can pose questions to random students regarding the passage that they just read. This method will require students to stay alert and following along in order to answer any specific question. Summarizing the lesson…show more content…
Many students tend to have short attention spans or can be easily distracted. Therefore, in order to maintain their attention during lesson instruction, an instructor can ask questions during the instruction to assess their understanding. Allowing students to discuss and ask questions regarding the lesson will motivate them to listen and participate in their learning more often. An interactive learning environment is a great method that will help ensure that students pay attention as well as understand the concepts being taught (Pearson 1987). Pairing students is one way that will help support the development of oral communication skill for all students. Pairing students together is method that provides students with an opportunity to think aloud. This method allows students to acquire and reflect information with a partner. Pair work is a comfortable way for students to practice their oral skills that they will need in order to participate in large groups. To support students’ oral communication in pairs, students can take 5-10 minutes to orally review a concept and present the concept to the class at the end of the class period. Another way to support students‘ oral communication is by dividing into groups of five and assign each group member a specific role and responsibility to carry out during the group discussion. This

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