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EMA Introduction: Within my setting, ICT is an opportunity for children to apply and develop their knowledge and capability. With my help, they can research, question accuracy of sites and exchange and share information together and through emails (we also share with a neighbouring school and have class blogs). Children are learning the fundamentals of research and electronic media, with support, guidance and safeguarding programs. They develop ideas using tools to refine work, enhance quality and accuracy, use spell checks and thesaurus. These are just some of the general requirements from National Curriculum 1999, published by QCA. In conversation with my teacher, we noted how technology has changed rapidly. We use ICT in Assembly,…show more content…
I have learnt that as adults, we already have the skills for reading but using illustrations, sounds and words is a multimodality tool. I tend not to use these different strategies and I think at first, this made my writing in Storybird difficult. I had plenty of ideas but had trouble finding images. I learnt children have far more of a free flowing attitude than adults do, and it took me a while to focus on writing around the images rather than finding an image to match my writing. Children already know much about multimodal texts from their home experiences. As teaching assistant’s it is our responsibility to build on these experiences and the children’s knowledge, recognising the relationships between different modes and use this in our teaching. The future of reading and writing is interwoven with the future of digital technology (UKLA 2005). For Show and Tell, I used the display we had put together on Planting. We planted seeds with the children as part of a Maths experiment to see how tall they would grow and be able to measure in cm's and inches. Children estimated the plants end height and recorded the information. Our Science lesson covered, talking about plants, bugs, bees and the environment. We use a similar ICT programme whereby the children send

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