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Email etiquette refers to a set of dos and don’ts that are recommended by business and communication experts in response to the growing concern that people are not using their email effectively or appropriately. Since email is part of the virtual world of communication, many people communicate in their email messages the same way they do in virtual chat rooms: with much less formality and sometimes too aggressively. Email etiquette offers some guidelines that all writers can use to facilitate better communication between themselves and their readers. One overall point to remember is that an email message does not have non-verbal expression to supplement what we are "saying." Most of the time we make judgments about a person’s…show more content…
Clear subject headings make everyone's lives easier, helping with prioritizing, filing, cataloging, cross-referencing, and retrieval. Samantha Miller states that you should keep your subjects short because “A complete sentence will betray you as an email beginner, and many e-mail programs cut off a subject after forty characters…A few words, or one well-selected one are best.” (Miller 3). Keep your message focused. If a new topic is introduced it should be under a separate message with a new subject heading. Try to keep in mind that writing styles may cause some messages to come across as sounding abrupt or even antagonistic when that is not the intention of the sender. Take time to read and fully comprehend what has been written before you reply, especially if the message provokes a strong emotional response. One important thing when you think that you might provoke a strong response is to avoid flaming. Flaming is an inflammatory remark or message. As a result as David Harris puts it “Messages sent in the heat of the moment generally only exacerbate the situation…” (Harris 2). He advises you to “Settle down and think about it for a while before starting a flame war.” (Harris 2). Consider the presentation of your message: Writing in all uppercase letters tends to convey anger or shouting. Breaking up text using short lines and paragraphs and spaces is helpful in keeping your message readable. Using
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