EMP Strikes

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Many Americans ignore or are completely oblivious to the real threat of an electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP). An EMP is a device that is launched high into the atmosphere of an enemy’s homeland where it can instantly disable that nation’s electrical power grid. This is important to the United States because an attack like this can instantly shut down all of our communications and service systems that many Americans use. This would lead to many Americans being vulnerable to death in multiple ways: starvation, lack of medicine, or simply just plain exposure to one other. It would not just greatly impact the United States but it would also impact other nations around the United States. For instance, Canada’s infrastructure is connected…show more content…
With this form of intelligence, the United States can understand how this weapon is created as well as the platform that is used to deploy this catastrophic weapon (Spring). Having this intelligence is critical, because then the United States can create a plan that will counter against these threats as well as assess how these countries could potentially incorporate these devices into their military strategy. However, the main important thing that the United States should look after is the electrical grid that produces power to the transmission infrastructure. Without this key component to the electrical grid, the United State would have a very difficult time repairing itself. The transmission grid is composed of substations and transformers that step power up and down as power lines are switched in order to transfer high-voltage long disaster power to a lower voltage more suitable for consumer use (Carafano). This grid is absolutely vital to maintaining and resupplying electricity back if some power generation is effected from an EMP strike. The United States has seen a tremendous amount of reliance on electronics that also include the development of new technologies and telecommunication…show more content…
This is why the Department of Defense should create a plan that will keep the cyber system functioning on a backup system and not rely so much on the main power grid. That way, members of the Department of Defense can see what the most critical components to the security system are and devise a plan to protect these elements against an EMP attack. Overall, the key to success for preparing to counter the effects of an EMP attack is to place obstacles against our enemies which would result in diminishing catastrophic failures in the nation’s infrastructure. With this method, the United States would provide resilience “to ensure the U.S. electrical grid and telecommunications systems, including having a developed limited redundancy and identified means for the timely replacement of essential damaged parts or their rapid substitution” (Carafano). Another way to protect the United States against an EMP attack would be for the Navy an Air Force “to develop a test program for land and sea-based interceptors with the capability to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles carrying EMP weapons prior to
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