EMR Implementation Part Essay

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EMR Implementation Part II An effective Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is more than a management tool for controlling patient data. Methods used to monitor implementation, relationship between organization’s processes, professional roles, and communications techniques used to address issues during implementation are points to develop in this paper. The essential capability of this system consists in capture data at the point of care, integrate this information from the internal or external source, and support caregiver’s decision-making (OpenClinical, 2010). The organization needs to monitor the entire process for the success of these changes. The evaluating the change process includes by addressing resistance that arises from members…show more content…
To develop revisions about specifics participation of members of the workforce, discussion of new ideas, and acquisition of resources should be frequently, and made to fine adjustments. After the change implemented the continue monitoring of activities ensure that new objectives are met. To continue follow-up, reviews, and feedback mechanism help in the monitoring process. This organization needs to monitor the ongoing operations to ensure that follow the objectives and policies established for the implementation of this system (Spector, 2010). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the implementation of this system in this facility integrated data from a patient includes the laboratory reports, specific test procedures, and x-rays in research’s protocols for phase II (patients with diseases). The effective technology implementation aligned with the operational business’s part of the organization drive the positive outcomes. This new technology implementation creates an environment for changes achieved and sustained for long-term. To ensure success and desired outcomes is important the complete understanding of this system, the accountability for the staff involved, and the evaluation of the key elements in the implementation. To extract the maximum value out of the new EMR is necessary the control by monitoring budgets
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