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The End of Firpo in the World 1. Introduction "If the Stickman thought he, Cody, was good, he must be Firpo because he, Cody wasn 't good, he was Firpo, Mom had said so and Daryl had said so," are some of the last thoughts going through Cody 's mind as he is dying. His entire life, Cody has been the subject of ridicule, leaving him feeling alienated and inferior. In "The End of Firpo in the World by George Saunders, Cody, a young resentful boy rides around the neighbourhood on his bicycle seeking revenge against his neighbours when he gets distracted and swerves across the street, getting hit by a car causing his death. One of the themes in this story suggests that recurrent verbal and psychological abuse results in…show more content…
No one ever shows Cody kindness or affection; abuse is all he knows and believes. By referring to him as a Firpo, Cody 's parents are enforcing a very negative perception of himself and others. Not only does Cody believe that he is Firpo, but he also refers to his neighbours by derogatory terms such as "chink," "squatty­body," "wop," and "stickman." He depersonalizes those around him in the same way that his parents
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