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A. Prose: Fiction Assignment Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie. Born at the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, the day of India’s independence from British rule, Saleem’s life is a microcosm of post-Independent India. The Title of this text, Midnight’s Children, gives the reader a broad idea of what the text is about: It gives the time and where the setting may play off. This text dominates the theme of identity that breaks down colonial constructs of Western dominance over Eastern culture, hence Salman Rushdie position as a prominent Anglo-Indian postcolonial writer. In this paragraph of Midnight’s Children, we are able to see the psychological effects of colonial domination. An author is often influenced by his or her…show more content…
In India, Standard English still functions as a medium, a language that everyone can understand, and as a language that is closely connected with power and the upper-class. Although in the English language the occurrence of compound nouns is a common phenomenon and the compounds are used quite frequently in order to avoid inconsistence and ambiguity, Rushdie uses compound nouns as a substitution for clauses “Piece-of-the-Moon”. Rushdie’s distinctive style of writing is here evident. It is hard to say to which degree this style is a ‘product’ of post-colonial experience and therefore a desire for a slight difference in the colonizer`s language in order to show that the Indian texts and the English ones are not the same although written in the ‘same’ language, or whether it is purely the author`s way of writing and playing with the language. This text from Midnight’s Children is fragmented, making frequent and abrupt transitions of place, time, and character. Far from being a careless mistake of the author, the fragmentation in this text serves vital psychological functions, reflecting the divisive experiences of colonialism and post-colonialism. The extreme fragmentation may cause difficulty for the reader, thrusting him or her into the same feeling state experienced by exiles and the characters Rushdie portrays. B. Persuasive Prose 1. Advertisements “Dulcia

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