ENGL 1304: Course Analysis

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In the beginning, I felt as this English course was just another typical course with the purpose of allowing students to write more essays without the use of creativity and acuity. However, as I ventured deep into the course, I found my original opinion to be biased. Throughout my spiritual journey in ENGL 1304, I not only learned many concepts and new ideas along the way, but I was also able to connect with all my readings. From researching my online sources to constructing a coherent argument, I grasp the process of communicating my voice for each assignment through careful observation and visualization. As a result, I was able to write my essays in a more personal manner. It also led me to stray away from the concept of “just writing anything…show more content…
The first one that caught my mind was on the education system of the United States and if significant changes are necessary. It occurred during an in-class discussion where I was required to print and read an article prior to the next class date. I knew that the amount that we pay for college education is overbearing in respect to the difficulty of the courses and the benefits that aid in our goals. However, after I read the article, I made a few alternatives that slightly oppose my original statement. Fortunately, the article helped me to understand not only the indistinct relationship between education and social class but the veiled truth about the exploitation of the education systems. It also helped me as a citizen to think thoroughly about the current quality of college education, in respect to cost, and its impact in the future. This also encourages the freedom to express one’s opinion and yields many possible solutions to create a stress-free…show more content…
This skill is essential not only during college but for the remaining years of your life following it. Participation in group discussions and peer reviewing not only help improve one’s understand of this course but it also aids in freely expression one’s stance on an idea to other peers in order to receive positive feedback. Although each person has a different viewpoint on a specific topic, it could serve as a basis for the advancement of innovative ideas that could spark up new interests as well. The enhancement of this skill goes beyond education and daily life. Both of the two types of communication, verbal and nonverbal, go hand-in-hand and are essential in bringing about one’s success. Verbal communication aids in expressing a writer’s opinion and concerns in a rhetorical manner through writing and oral speech while nonverbal communication involves the use of tone and position for construction a writers’ stance in his or her writing. Although nonverbal was not discussed at all during the course, it does play an important role in the structure of students’ arguments. In the end, the use communications skills not only allowed me to cooperate efficient with my fellow students but assisted in achieving the common goal that was set in our creative
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