EPA: Environmental Protection Abuse

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Through the government program too well known as the Environmental Protection Agency, our federal government has made environmental decisions effecting the American people numerous times without our consent. Our current Democratic President and his administration don’t help matters any, since they tend to give in when extreme environmentalists persistently push for these ideas. Needless to say, the Obama Administration’s ongoing force for drastic changes to environmental standards has allowed the Environmental Protection Agency to gain an alarming amount of power, and it is now resulting in harmful effects to many innocent American citizens.
While many people are completely oblivious of the EPA’s potential, others have been terribly devastated by it. According to a Fox News report by Shanon Bream, Republicans clearly recognize the EPA has misguidedly used their power because they are asking the agency to more clearly define some terminology concerning their jurisdiction over wetlands. In its current condition, the language used makes it sound as if merely temporary stormwater could cause private landowners to fall under the authority of the EPA. This would clearly interfere with every American’s constitutional right to private property. As the common theme of ambiguous wording used in the EPA’s bylaws shows, they clearly…
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