EPA Policies Essay

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EPA Policies
The environmental protection agency has been stepping up its mandate of ensuring safer and better environment for not only the business operators, buts also the society as a whole. In order to achieve this goal of environmental protection, there has been the creation of environmental protection agency that has ensured that all the businesses, irrespective of their size and type, strive to ensure that the environment is protected for the benefit of current and future generations.
The regulatory measures target the emissions from industries as well as the products resulting from certain industries. The agency establishes certain regulations that seek to standardize the emissions in terms of quantity and if companies are found
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Although the charges greatly affect the economic status of various businesses, there are also competition effects that have resulted from these regulations.
Companies that can afford the specifications required by the government have ensured that the economically strained companies do not get an opportunity to re-indulge in the new trade. The less stable investors have therefore been left out since licenses cannot be issued to companies that do not comply with this policy; for this reason, many potential investors have been forced to drop out of business due to pressure from the environmental regulation agency.
There have been positive attributes from the regulations. One of the positive effects on businesses is that enhanced environmental security has allowed for more investors to start trade in the regions with effective regulatory measures. This is because increased regulatory measures have resulted in the investors gaining not only positive returns, but also consumer trust due to their compliance (Lieberman, 2010). Therefore, there has been significant growth in investment; however, the negative influences have managed to cover these positive influences. The government has also managed to generate substantial amounts of money from the charges and used them in establishing a friendly environment for other potential investors.
The psychological perspectives of investors towards regulations have caused many of them to withdraw, due to fear
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