EQ vs. IQ

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EQ vs. IQ

You are four years old and are seated by yourself at the kitchen table. Your mom places one piece of your favorite candy in front of you. She explains that you can eat it right now, but if you wait while she leaves the room to do a quick chore, you can have two pieces of candy when she returns. She leaves the room. What do you do? Do you grab the gooey goody the minute she's out the door? Or do you patiently sit there resisting temptation hoping to double your treat upon her return? Do you know that your our reaction to this situation may very well determine the degree of your success in life? A similar study with children was actually conducted by a psychologist using marshmallows. The study showed that children
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He states that his goal is to redefine intelligence and success. He believes that EQ is the equivalent to what we used to call "character" and contributes more to a person's success than brainpower, measured by IQ tests. He claims that IQ is not everything, that high IQ people are not always the most successful, and that it does not determine one's course in life. Emotional factors could be important. He states that there are five main "abilities" involved. A high EQ involves knowing one's emotions. It involves managing one's emotions. It involves motivating oneself. It involves recognizing emotions in others, or empathy. It involves the ability to handle relationships. Hans Eysenck in his book A New Look Intelligence states that this whole theory is "built on quicksand" and that there is no sound scientific basis. Goleman insists that this is no abstract study. He is looking for solutions, which will restore "civility to our streets and caring to our communal life." He sees practical applications everywhere for how companies should decide whom to hire, how couples can increase the odds that their marriages will last, how parents should raise their children and how schools should teach
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