ERP Strategies and Vision

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The purpose of this phase is to establish the ERP strategies and vision. The establishment of the ERP strategies and vision sets the direction of the ERP project, as well as for the ERPs entire lifecycle in the organisation (Ganly, 2012). The key activities is to define what an ERP is for the organisation, identifying the scope of the ERP, gain alignment of the business needs with the organisations information Technology (IT) strategies, precisely articulate the project vision and ensure the vision aligns with the business goals (Ganly, 2012). According to Ganly (2012) organisations need to spend enough time clearly defining the strategy for ERP implementation, as well as planning the entire implementation process of an ERP thoroughly. Spending enough time planning and strategising would increase the chances of the ERP implementation to be successful (Ganly, 2012). The dangers of this phase however is having a vision that is overly ambitious, poorly defined or not realistic; which results in having an ERP implementation strategy that is impossible to deliver and ultimately impossible to gain business value (Ganly, 2012). Not understanding an ERP within the context of the organisations application portfolio will lead to an ERP implementation that is not appropriately scoped and does not align to business and IT strategies (Ganly, 2012). Taking a pace-layered approach according to Ganly (2012) is vital for ERPs long-term success within the organisation as well as
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