ESA: Case Questions

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ESA Case Questions 1) The key elements of ESA's services that are most valued by its customers are its reliability and its efficiency, which is why the quality problems and the shutdown were so damaging for the company not only in direct and immediate practical terms, but also when it comes to company image, customer relations, and internal morale. Aircraft operators need their engines repaired with one-hundred percent accuracy and compliance with all maintenance requests and procedure, as the ethical and the legal/financial liability of any error or omission could be disastrous. Whenever an engine is taken out of service, the capabilities of the aircraft operator become threatened, so fixing and returning engines quickly while maintaining completely reliable quality standards is essential for ESA's customers. The failure to provide either timely or high-quality service rendered the company essentially useless to its customers, or even detrimental to their capabilities and image. Quality control activities are incredibly important in producing the reliability ESA's customers require. The point-of-use tool system implemented, which tracks tools to greatly reduce the chance of accidentally leaving one in an engine and thus increases reliability, is one such activity. Restructuring the management team at ESA was also an activity that directly and substantially contributed to increased reliability in the company, through the use of more experienced and more responsive
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