ESL Students and Teachers

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The kids of today are the future of tomorrow. In order for them to have a bring future we need to be able to equip them to be successful. But as of right now we don’t have the power to properly equip them and to help them accomplish task such as graduating or moving on the next grade. Immigrant’s students have the great potential to be the next Cesar Chavez, Sonia Sotomayor, Franklin Chang Diaz or the next Susana Martinez. But as a nation we are failing them by forcing them to take a test that doesn’t cover everything that they have learned in class or is in a language that they understand. Graduating high school or moving on to the next grade depends on the ability to pass one test. If the ESL student is not able to perform correctly or if they are able to demonstrate their understanding on subject like English or math it can affect them profoundly. The test is not an accurate reflection of the knowledge of the student. Teachers can serve as a tool to help students be able to perform better on their test. But, teachers are not the only one that can assist students with the performance on the standardized test. Social workers can also collaborate with the teacher as well as with parents in order to assist the student to be successful. In certain cases the social worker can advocate for the student to more time to take the test or to have the option to have additional breaks during the test, they can also have the teacher or a translator to help repeat the question,
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