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ESRI: Changing world. © Jyoti Bachani University of Redlands 909 748 0545 909 748 8763 ESRI: Changing world. Case Synopsis Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) is a privately held, debt free, company that is a global leader in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software used for visualization and analysis of geographic data by institutional users across the globe. ESRI has pioneered this technology for four decades as it pursued its founder leader Jack Dangermond’s mission to change the world by making it spatially enabled. Since 2000, the world has changed. The new Internet companies have put electronic maps with live data and interactivity on the internet enabled desktops of…show more content…
By the end of 2006, many additional interactive features were available on these electronic maps. For example, in addition to getting directions from one point to another, one could also look up real-time traffic along the route, in addition to locating a hotel on a map, one could also locate the nearby businesses and tourist attractions. Related technologies started to appear in mobile devices from cell-phone to automobiles. Cars could be equipped with devices that linked to the satellite Global Positioning System that could provide driving directions as well as local information as one drove through an area, and cell-phones could be tracked to their exact locations. Jack’s vision of a geographically enabled world was coming true, except that it was happening with technologies and companies that were unrelated to ESRI or even GIS. Many of these companies and technologies were not around in 1969, when Jack and Laura first started ESRI. Will this visionary pioneer of geographic information systems be a pioneer in this geographically enabled world that they have championed for four decades? What role will ESRI and GIS play in this new era? What resources and capabilities does ESRI have and how should it deploy them in order to create its position in this changing world? Will it continue to be the number one player in the market? How, if at all, should ESRI be responding to the new technologies and companies that are redefining the market? What are the
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