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EST1 Task 310.2.1-05


EST1 Task 310.2.1-05
Western Governors University

EST1 Task 310.2.1-05


Giving back to the people who provide for your way of life should be considered a norm, however in today's world, there are still companies that don't see the value it provides. Social responsibility is crucial in ensuring a company's continued place in their established service areas. While Company Q is viewing social responsibility as a burden or hardship placed upon them, they could easily take a more philanthropic approach to the matter. Providing simple solutions to ensure the community in which they chose to do business would ensure that they are viewed as a valuable member of the community. I intend to show how
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When the community sees that
Company Q is looking out for its interests, it will build loyalty which will help prevent loss and theft and prevent customer base loss to chain type stores.

EST1 Task 310.2.1-05


Today an increasing desire from consumers is to have healthy and organic product offerings. While these products are still considered to be relatively new, they in fact are very readily accessible. It is understood that because fewer produce growers provide organic offerings, the cost is a little higher, but inflating the margins of such items is not an acceptable answer. There is no reason Company Q couldn't maintain the same or a comparable profit margin on such items as they do their non organic counterparts. If a non organic apple costs 25 cents, with a 35 percent profit margin, and an organic apple costs 40 cents with a 35 percent profit margin, you are providing the customer with a healthy option without price gouging. This type of pricing offers Company Q an advantage over their competition and provides a commonly requested service. Customers will take notice to the fact that
Company Q has listened to the community's voice and requests and acted in their behalf.

As you can see, without making major changes to the way Company Q handles their daily business, they not only provide valuable resources for the community, they build customer
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