ET1310 Review For Final

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Review for final
1. What is the device that allows AC to pass through an amplifier circuit while blocking DC?
a. Regulator capacitor
b. Coupling capacitor
c. Rheostat
d. Diode

2. Which amplifier has the BJT as the most commonly used amplifier?
a. CC
b. CB
c. CE
d. Op-amp
3. How do we determine the voltage gain of the common-emitter amplifier?
a. Divide the AC collector resistance by the AC emitter resistance
b. Divide the AC collector resistance by the AC base resistance
c. Divide the AC emitter resistance by the AC base resistance
d. Divide AC emitter resistance by the AC collector resistance.
4. Which amplifier has voltage gain of approximately 1?
a. Common emitter
b. Common base
c. Common collector
d. FET
5. What is termed as “super
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c. Base
d. Amplifier
25. In a common collector amplifier Av equals:
a. 1
b. Re/r’e
c. Rload/Zin
d. Zin/ Zout
26. When a AC signal is supplied to a CE amplifier, the input signal moves the operating point:
a. Along the DC load line
b. Along the AC load line
c. Between the AC and DC load lines
d. Nowhere
27. What is common application of CB amplifiers?
a. Buffer
b. RF amplifier
c. Oscillator
d. Switching circuit with hysteresis
28. Comparing the AC parameters of the CB and CE amplifiers, main difference is that the CB amplifiers has :
a. Very low input resistance
b. Higher voltage gain
c. Higher output resistance
d. Input output signals that differ in phase by 180 degrees
29. Which of the following is true for a common base amplifier?
a. The input signal is applied to the base
b. The output signal is taken from the base
c. The base is not connected
d. The base is the reference terminal for the input and output signal
30. Which of the following best describes how the RC time constant affects a capacitors ability to reduce voltage various (ripple) in a capacitor input filter?
a. The RC time constant decreases as the capacitor value decreases, slowing down the voltage variations
b. The RC time constant has no effect on voltage variations
c. The RC time constant increases as the capacitor value increases, reduces the voltage variations
d. The RC time constant increases as the capacitor value decreases, increases the voltage variations
31. What are the three
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